How To Get Uncomfortable To Get Comfortable

Your ability to attain success has a lot to do with how much pressure you can handle.

Zuckerberg, Ford, Carnegie, Colonel Sanders, Mayweather, Jordan and Ma.

How much pressure can they take?

How much pressure can you take?

When push comes to shove do you run?

When push comes to shove do you stare down the barrel of the gun and say “Fuck you. Do your worst”.

I’m trying to get better at the latter.

Previously in my life I’ve been soft.

Or what Dan Pena would say “a snow flake”.

I’ve run from things I’m afraid of.

I’ve avoided them.

“I’ll wait till I feel like it. I’ll wait till I’m vibrationally ready”.

But, now no more.

I can now see.

I can now see that the only way to get through this stuff, is to get used to it.

To welcome your fears.

To welcome your hardships.

To look fear and uncertainty in the face and say, “BRING IT ON”.

Sometimes the only way to get comfortable is by going into the uncomfortable.

To go into the motherfucking jungle naked and come out wearing a jaguar coat and crocodile booties.

It may suck, but at least it feels better than going nowhere.

I feel good after I face my fears.

It sucks at first, but once I’ve done it, I’m proud of myself.

How you can harden up, toughen up, shut up and nut up:

  1. Purposely do one thing that scares you every day! Stay in the overtaking lane no matter who rides your ass, walk backwards from your car in a car park all the way to the shopping centre door, confront someone ETC, ETC!
  2. Welcome uncertainty, tough situations and facing your fears. Tough times make tough fucken people.
  3. Have a 2-minute cold shower every day. Make this one of the first things you do in the morning. Tony Robbins does this to build will power. To tell his mind “When I say we’re going to do something, we’re doing it”.
  4. Make a to do list for the next day every night before you go to sleep.
  5. Do mirror talk. Set a 5-minute timer and talk some good things to your self in the mirror every morning. Look right into your eyes and say “I chose you, me first, then everybody else, I love you, I’m confident, I’m brave, I can do anything”.
  6. Say more of what you mean and how you feel. Don’t cave into someone else in the presence of others. BE MORE YOU. People respect you more for this in the long run anyways. Not that you need respect from others to be happy, but it will come none the less.

Inspiration and advice:

Does living with no expectation really make you happier?

Does living with no expectation really make you happier?

I am a doer, I’m a maker, creator and a shaker.

I have been trying to control my environment with the use of the Law of Attraction.

Has this unknowingly been making me upset though?

I have felt really up and down for the last 2 x months.

I have gone really high, but more so sat very low.

Have I put expectations on an environment that perhaps I cannot/should not totally control?

Yesterday, I was reminded of the idea that…

Life is happening for me…


Let me say that again, life is not happening to me, it is happening FOR me 😊.

“Ahhh, feeling better”.

I am a teacher, I am a lover, I am a helper, I am an uplifter.

That is my ecstasy.

Helping others with my advice.

That is why I was put here, that is my purpose.

I absolutely LOVE helping people with problems 😊 .

I need to accept that I have been sent into a dark world so that I can become more skilled at performing my passion.

I am in training.

Life is actually happening for me.

No more expectations.

Let life happen.

Accept everything and find the good in it.

How can I help someone in a dark place if I have never been there before?


How can an electrician teach an apprentice the know how about electricity if they have never worked with electricity themselves?

Life is happening for me and I feel good about it.


If anyone is on the same playing field as me, here is the Tony Robbins video that has taught me so much and pulled me out of my resistant funk.

Oh and don’t forget to go after your passion.

As soon as I realised I was being challenged so that I could get better at helping people I immediately began answering people’s self-help questions on Quora.


Back where I belong – uplifting.

Hello old friend 😊

Love you all.



Momentum is possibly the most underestimated facet in regard to self-help.
People don’t realise the power of momentum.
Hell, I didn’t realise the power of momentum until recently.
Momentum can build you up and it can also break you down.
You definitely have to respect momentum and if you want to get to the places you want to be you need to learn how to use it.
If I’m down I use momentum to bring me back up.
If I’m super low I start real low.
Easy little pieces of momentum.
Little pieces that aren’t pushy and don’t exhaust.
Little pieces that don’t feel tiring.
Such as the thought…
“I don’t have to figure this all out right now”.
Super light. Super easy. Non-subjective. Non-pushy.
Nice and easy.
That small feeling of relief you can create with a single low-lying thought will attract more positive thoughts.
It is law, it is law of attraction.
You can try it yourself.
Think of something you love.
And watch how a lot of other positive thoughts will start to arise and flock about your mind.
Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.
One easy low-lying thought of momentum can really start to get the car rolling down hill, instead of the car trying to roll up hill.
Sometimes a low-lying thought can be too hard to reach because you are just too low.
In times like this.
Be quiet.
Stop thinking.
Try to focus and be in the moment of what you are doing.
Or go for a nap.
A nap will slow momentum.
Sleep is good for you when you feel stressed.
It will reset your clock.
You are not lazy for sleeping.
You are strategic because you know that if you are to perform you need to be in the right state of mind.
And sometimes sleep can help get you there.
Everything flows easy when you are easy.
Use momentum.
Start low and work your way up.
If it feels hard, don’t do it.
If it feels easy and light go with it.
Start low and keep going.
Sooner or later you will be high.
Sky high.

Living Free and Being Braver than Most

“Questttion, how to have school not bring you down?” Said Victor Pride, as he repeated one of his fans written questions to him.

His response…. fuck me:

“How to not have school bring you down when you are in university? Ahh, stop being a goddamn pussy. Stop being a pussy. If school is bringing you down and you are an adult, walk out. Leave. There is no reason to let something bring you down as an adult. Adults have free will, free choice. If you are letting something bring you down, I have no sympathy for you”.

“Next question”.


That made me feel a whole lot better.

I fucken did that.

I did leave universtiy.

I knew I didn’t like what I was studying. I knew I was selling my soul away.

I’m braver than most and I needed to be reminded of that.

I sold the safe course to buy the life of my dreams.

Years on after leaving university and I have friends that have now finished their courses.

One guy I know that was studying the same course as me hates his job and probably hates his life. I see him on facebook going out a lot more on the weekends. Probably numbing the pain of his job with alcohol and “good times”.

All I can say is, I’m free, I can do whatever I want.

No massive student loans, no massive HECS debt for some course where I spent about $1000 to learn about business ethics and how to not plagerise.


I paid someone to teach me how to not plagerise and how to remain ethical in business?


The worst part is, the time that was spent.

But if I didn’t spend that time, I wouldnt be able to reach you in the way I can right now.

So, it all works out.

I’m looking for the good in every situation.

I’m a blank mother fucking canvass.

I may not have some badass fucking business right now, But I want one and that’s my dream, so I’m going to go get it.

I want to live abroard.

I want to buy a mad ass fucking tricked out camper van/home on wheels and travel around Australia with my girl and our dogs and work from my laptop abroad.

I want to stop at beaches, I want to stop in forests, I want to stand in the rain and feel the fucking power and energy of this Earth.

I feel powerful today, I just needed to be reminded… That I’m braver than most.

I’m fucking going for it.

Which makes me alot braver than everyone else who isn’t.


Any day of the week I would trade happiness over selling my soul to be rich in a job I hate.

I’m going for both, thank-you very much.

Happy and rich.


How 2016 Went for Me and My Goals for 2017

What would I rate my 2016:


(Me and my partner from in Hong Kong, July 2016).

What got me through 2016:

– Giving up. (Sometimes you have to give up to release an energy blockage 🙂 ).
– New methods of releasing negative energy/anger e.g. laughing, training, sleep.

My word for 2017:


Fucken FIERCE as fuck.

2017 Goals:

  • 1000 likes on law of attraction fb page. Starting 2017 at 55 likes.

Help me out and like my page, Law of Attraction Friendly Newsfeed, if you want daily Law of Attraction and positive posts on your Facebook.

  • Have a no-gi Brazillian Jiu Jitsu match.
  • Have a boxing match.
  • Have a kickboxing match.
  • Get my blog subscribers to 100.
  • Start an organic veggie patch.
  • Go to Bora Bora with Monique.
  • Go on an Abraham cruise.

Got any goals for your 2017? Comment them here (if you feel like it) and further ingrain them into your subconscious. Plus, I’m keen to read them :).

Can You Become Conscious of Your 50-70,000 Thoughts a Day?

We think 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day.

And approximately 90% of those thoughts are the same as yesterday…

You see our brain wants to help us.

It wants to make our life as easy as possible for us.

So what the brain does to help us and make our life more manageable, is it creates nice neural pathways in our brain that allow us to go into “auto-pilot” mode.

(Auto-pilot mode so we don’t have to think of everything all the time).

This is how habits are created.

You cross your hands a certain way without having to think.

“Yeah, that’s right I put this right arm over that left arm and then I lean them back into my solar plexus area”.


You don’t need to bother consciously thinking about this.

The neural pathway is set and you cross your hands automatically… and most of the time… without noticing.

This is the same for our thoughts.

The neural pathway is set and you just thought something negatively on automatic mode… without noticing it.

This is why you feel good or bad sometimes for no apparent reason.

Nothing good actually came into your life.

You didn’t win on the pokies, you didn’t get a job promotion, you didn’t narrowly miss a parking fine.

And nothing bad actually came into your life.

Your dog didn’t die, your girlfriend didn’t dump you, you didn’t sit on a thumb tack.

But you now feel good or bad because of your subconscious thoughts that have led you that way.

This is why we sometimes have “bad days” for no apparent reason and “good days” for no apparent reason.

The key to achieving more happiness in life and having more good days then bad, is by becoming more aware of A.N.Ts




When you become aware of what you are actually saying to yourself in your mind you begin to take back control over your life.

You retain the steering wheel to your ship.

How do you become aware of what you are thinking?

Well, meditation helps.

Staying in the moment helps.

Or 3 minute interval alarms on your phone help. (What I do haha).

Become more aware and the negative thoughts lose their power.

As you become more aware you see them for what they really are.

Imaginations of the mind.

You are not a fortune teller.

You cannot tell the future.

But you can aim yourself toward a desired future via your conscious thought actions.

Become aware.

What do you choose to think?

Why The UFC is so Smart

If I can make you 1$ richer, would you pay me 20 cents?

When you think of your competition in business what first comes to mind?

Crush them?

Kill them?

Help them?

Help them??? wait a minute, WTF? Why would you wanna help them?

Most people walking this Earth probably think CRUSH THEM

And yeah, I get that, I can understand why most people would think that.

But, why crush them when you can help them and they can help you?

It’s an abundant world out there (in my opinion) and there is ALWAYS MORE to go round.

So, why not team up with your competition and share the profits? Because, that’s what the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) did.

You see, the UFC has their own events.

You know the Conor Mcgregor fights, the Ronda Rousey fights, the Daniel Cormier fights etc. etc.

But the UFC also knows that they are not alone and that there are other events and organisations airing their own fights…

Cage Rage, Glory, Elite FC, King of The Cage etc. etc.

So, why does the UFC not simply attempt to crush these organisations by bad mouthing them as inferior, airing shows at the same time as them or by extreme advertising tactics?

Because, the UFC knows that there is more money to be made in joining forces with these smaller organisations, rather than crushing them!

So, how has the UFC joined forces with their competitors? By streaming their competitors events via UFC Fight Pass (a paid membership website owned by the UFC and designed for MMA fans that want to watch major MMA, kickboxing and grappling events from around the world live and on demand).

This creates a win-win situation for both the UFC and their competitors.

The smaller events get increased exposure and the UFC increases their revenue by charging out more memberships to UFC Fight Pass.

I can also imagine that the UFC knows that in helping these smaller competitor organisations, they also know that they will in turn further expand the sport of MMA, which would overall increase the UFCs fan base and profitability.

So, my question to you today is what competitors can you team up with?

How can you break bread with someone else to increase your own and their own profitability?

Options are limitless, the world does not always have to be dog eat dog!

Thank-you for reading.

– Jordan Flynn

PS. Please leave me a comment if you know any other businesses that have gone this route with their own competition or if you have any other ideas on how the UFC could further increase their own bottom line.

I’m keen to read what you all have to say!

PPS. If you want every UFC fight EVER recorded and more, sign up to UFC fight pass here!

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Is Music Making You Unhappy?

Is music making you unhappy?

“Kill this bitch, steal this girl, coke, dope, smack and crack”.

My ears love the sound hip hop music gives to me.

But then again, if I was to do some cocaine I’m sure my body would love the feeling of that too…

Now, some hip hop music can be light and uplifting, but some hip hop music can be harsh and angry.

My question today is, can music change your vibration and make you feel different on the inside?

I used to listen to Metallica when I was younger.

And other bands that played angry styled music like KoRn, Slipknot, Disturbed etc. etc.

Did this angry styled music have an effect on me?

I believe it very well did.

As an artist goes deep into a certain state of emotion to create a certain piece of music, I believe that their creation is welded together with their emotions, and when listened to by the audience, it is carried through and effects them.

The emotions of that artist are transmuted into their voice and instruments, creating a musical piece that vibrates either positively or negatively.

Which you, as the audience, then listen to and are influenced by.

Does happy music make you feel happy? Does sad music make you feel sad? Does angry music make you feel angry?

Did you know we are made up of 75% water?

I remember seeing this video on Youtube where this Japanese scientist played different kinds of music to water in test tubes. He then looked at each sample of water’s molecules under a microscope to see if there were any changes.

The results were amazing…

The angry metal music made the water molecules look all chopped and harsh, while the classical music made the molecules look like clean, cut snowflakes.

Which is nuts if you think about it.

Next time you listen to music, talk to yourself, listen to your intuition.

Does this song make me feel anxious? Does this song make me feel sad? Does this song make me feel better?

Don’t choose a song that you think will make you feel better, listen to a song and see if it makes you feel better.

You may just need a song that helps you travel up the emotional scale.

The Emotional Scale:

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Going from a fearful state all the way up to a state of joy may be too far a jump – that is why I say go with what feels right.

You may need to go from hopefulness to get to optimism and so on and so on.

Go with what feels right, you will know because you can feel it.

Best of luck and happy listening 🙂

PS. If anyone’s interested, here is the short video on the results of the water experiment I spoke about earlier. The full documentary is quite interesting and can also be found on Youtube.

And here is another video of Abraham teaching about the power of music and vibration. I cannot find the specific video I wanted to share, but this video seems extremely similar in it’s teaching and may even be better:

Let me know what you think about this. I want to hear your opinions, so leave me a comment sharing your thoughts!!!

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Thanks for reading.