I Told The Lady From The Depression Helpline…

I told the lady from the depression helpline that “I prefer to do things out of inspiration, not motivation”.

She replied saying “So, you like to do things you want to do and you don’t like to do things you don’t want to do?”.

I said “Well… yes”.

Then I said, “But I feel so lethargic. I feel so exhausted to pick myself up even though I know I need to do some things to make myself feel better. Should I do them?”

She said… “This is a characteristic of depression, feeling exhausted, you just have to push through what’s hard in order to feel better”.

I took her advice.

I got up.

I put my training gear on and went out and started beating the shit out of my heavy bag.

I felt better.

The momentum had begun to shift the other way.

As Law of Attraction channeller Abrahm-Hick’s teaches: Feeling good is momentum based.

If you’re feeling blue you have to try and slow the ball of momentum down, bring it to a halt and try to get it rolling the other way, downhill, towards feeling good.

Start small and build that momentum up.

Here is the route I took in order to start getting my internal ball to roll towards happiness:

1. I got out of bed and started exercising (I know this always makes me feel better. I made it a priority that I would commit to at least 30 minutes of training even though I didn’t feel like training for that long).

2. I started saying positive affirmations in my head to myself every so often.

“I can do this.”

“I feel better.”

“I want to feel better.”

3. I started mediating in the morning again (15 mins).

4. I started visualising the things I wanted to allow to come into my life through a meditative state in the morning again (5 mins).

5. I cleaned up my room. (I feel cleaner on the inside and overall better when my room is clean and tidy).

6. I started writing a nightly to do list for the next day and sent it off to my girlfriend, so that she could act as my accountability partner.

Here is the to do list I sent to her from day 2 of Operation Momentum Reversal:

a. Get up after 8.5 hours of sleep.

b. Meditate.

c. Find the best course for you (5 min).

(I’ve been looking into counselling courses lately, as I think this is a career I may be interested in. I set the timer for 5 minutes knowing full well that I would not be overwhelmed by it and that I would end up researching for longer).

d. Walk Riley (My dog, that is a Schnoodle).

e. Study something that will help me in my life for 30 minutes.

f. Visualise 5 min.

g. Start my 3 minute repeat timer on my phone to jolt me with an alarm every 3 minutes to remind me to watch my thoughts and reconsider what I may be thinking at that point in time. Here’s the app I use: Repeat Timer Pro.


This is a great mindfulness technique.

As you can see I tried to keep this to do list pretty simple and not too teasing, as I wanted to start the shift in momentum by keeping things light at first and building upon that.

Now it’s day 4 since releasing myself from this funk and I am now feeling much, much better and much more inside the vortex aka. feeling good.

In short, my learning from this challenge and my advice to YOU is that sometimes you HAVE to do the hard stuff in order to get yourself closer to happiness and to start feeling good again.

It is nice to be feeling good again.


– Jordan

The Macklemore and Lil Bow Wow Shopping Receipt Marketing Hack

“Okay, what did they buy? How much did they spend? Damn, Macklemore spent that much! He must be rich as heeeellll! haha he spent more than Bow Wow, he must be richer, well, yeah he probably is…”.

Talk about interesting.

Over the weekend I received a Culture Kings newsletter email, which cleverly included a copy of Lil Bow Wow’s (or just Bow Wow now?…) and Macklemore’s purchase receipts from their recent shopping experience with the urban mogule merchant.

I love seeing marketing pieces like this because they show ingenuity, as this is something I have never personally seen done before.

It shows that most businesses have the ability to capitalise on some form of celebrity endorsement marketing. Because everyone wants to be “cool” like celebrities…


Anyway, I know you want to see the receipts, so here they are.


macklemore shopping receipt culture kings
Image by Culturekings.com.au

Bow Wow:

shopping receipt bow wow culture kings
Image by Culturekings.com.au

Pretty cool, huh? and pretty smart.

This is not the first time Culture Kings has capitalised on celebrity endorsement marketing.

In the past they have cleverly done it with photos, blog posts and promo videos, such as the one below:

Marketing this way is good for both parties.

It’s a you scratch my back, I scratch your back type scenario.

More hype for the celebrities promoting their Australian tour and more hype for Culture Kings promoting their products.

And as the old cliche goes “if you got it, flaunt it”.

Well done Culture Kings.

Thoroughly impressed.

– Jordan Flynn