Momentum is possibly the most underestimated facet in regard to self-help.
People don’t realise the power of momentum.
Hell, I didn’t realise the power of momentum until recently.
Momentum can build you up and it can also break you down.
You definitely have to respect momentum and if you want to get to the places you want to be you need to learn how to use it.
If I’m down I use momentum to bring me back up.
If I’m super low I start real low.
Easy little pieces of momentum.
Little pieces that aren’t pushy and don’t exhaust.
Little pieces that don’t feel tiring.
Such as the thought…
“I don’t have to figure this all out right now”.
Super light. Super easy. Non-subjective. Non-pushy.
Nice and easy.
That small feeling of relief you can create with a single low-lying thought will attract more positive thoughts.
It is law, it is law of attraction.
You can try it yourself.
Think of something you love.
And watch how a lot of other positive thoughts will start to arise and flock about your mind.
Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.
One easy low-lying thought of momentum can really start to get the car rolling down hill, instead of the car trying to roll up hill.
Sometimes a low-lying thought can be too hard to reach because you are just too low.
In times like this.
Be quiet.
Stop thinking.
Try to focus and be in the moment of what you are doing.
Or go for a nap.
A nap will slow momentum.
Sleep is good for you when you feel stressed.
It will reset your clock.
You are not lazy for sleeping.
You are strategic because you know that if you are to perform you need to be in the right state of mind.
And sometimes sleep can help get you there.
Everything flows easy when you are easy.
Use momentum.
Start low and work your way up.
If it feels hard, don’t do it.
If it feels easy and light go with it.
Start low and keep going.
Sooner or later you will be high.
Sky high.

My Virtual Vision Board

Do you have Windows?

Like PC Windows?

If you do, do you use sticky notes?

I do.

It’s hella handy.

You can use it to take notes and stuff.

But I don’t just use windows sticky notes for taking notes.

I use it as a virtual vision board, to copy and paste all the things I want.

Email on new Nike shoes I like?

Copy and paste it onto my virtual vision board.


Wow, that house looks nice.

Copy and paste the house photos onto my virtual vision board.


Damn I love that car.

Copy and paste the photos onto my virtual vision board.


This is the beauty of a virtual vision board as opposed to a physical one, because you can easily add or remove the images of your wants and desires :).

Here’s what’s on my virtual vision board at the moment:

windows sticky notes windows sticky notes

Pretty cool and very handy.

Nice to look at every now and again and when I do look it makes me feel good inside :).

Here’s what appears to be the Apple version of the Windows Sticky Notes app for all you Mac freaks out there (no idea if it’s any good. Just did a quick Google search):

Visualise on.

– Jordan Flynn