How to do anything. “WHY”.

Here is a 2 minute speech I wrote and will be presenting at 2 x local Toastmasters I attend.

It’s about why the fuck you need a strong “WHY”.


You can do anything if your WHY is strong enough.

I don’t always like pushing myself.

I don’t always like stepping out of my comfort zone.

And I don’t always like trying to do things I don’t yet know how to do.


But, I do always want to improve my life.

And I do always want to become more self-confident and self-reliant.

And I damn sure do always want to become a true master of my crafts.


My friend told me the other day that he can’t do cold showers because he’s wog and that wogs apparently don’t do the cold…

So, I told him that if I had a gun to his girlfriend’s head and I told him that I was going to kill her unless he has a cold shower I bet he would.


And I bet you would too.


You see, it’s all about the WHY…


If you have a strong WHY, you’re inspired.

If you have a strong WHY, you’re motivated.

If you have a weak WHY, you will crumble.

If you have a weak WHY, you won’t put the effort in.

Who are you doing this for, why are you doing it, where are you going and most importantly WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!

You have to train yourself.

You have to train yourself to think more about what you want rather than what you have to do to get it.

If people truly knew how much work they would have to do to become a doctor, do you think they might give up before they start?.

If you knew how much work having children would be, do you think you might not have had them?

If you knew the amount of effort you had to put in to save a deposit to buy your own home, do you think you might have just kept on renting?

I’m not asking you to not consider the road ahead.

I’m just asking you to consider your WHY more!

Because when times get tough…

And the chips are down.

And you’re feeling scared, lazy… or stuck in a freezing cold shower…

The WHY is what gets you through.

The WHY is what picks you up by the bootstraps.

The WHY is what tells you to keep moving forward even though you can’t see where the hell you’re going!

Martin Luther King had a strong WHY?

Nelson Mandela had a strong WHY?

Mother Teresa had a strong WHY?

Do you?

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