How To Get Uncomfortable To Get Comfortable

Your ability to attain success has a lot to do with how much pressure you can handle.

Zuckerberg, Ford, Carnegie, Colonel Sanders, Mayweather, Jordan and Ma.

How much pressure can they take?

How much pressure can you take?

When push comes to shove do you run?

When push comes to shove do you stare down the barrel of the gun and say “Fuck you. Do your worst”.

I’m trying to get better at the latter.

Previously in my life I’ve been soft.

Or what Dan Pena would say “a snow flake”.

I’ve run from things I’m afraid of.

I’ve avoided them.

“I’ll wait till I feel like it. I’ll wait till I’m vibrationally ready”.

But, now no more.

I can now see.

I can now see that the only way to get through this stuff, is to get used to it.

To welcome your fears.

To welcome your hardships.

To look fear and uncertainty in the face and say, “BRING IT ON”.

Sometimes the only way to get comfortable is by going into the uncomfortable.

To go into the motherfucking jungle naked and come out wearing a jaguar coat and crocodile booties.

It may suck, but at least it feels better than going nowhere.

I feel good after I face my fears.

It sucks at first, but once I’ve done it, I’m proud of myself.

How you can harden up, toughen up, shut up and nut up:

  1. Purposely do one thing that scares you every day! Stay in the overtaking lane no matter who rides your ass, walk backwards from your car in a car park all the way to the shopping centre door, confront someone ETC, ETC!
  2. Welcome uncertainty, tough situations and facing your fears. Tough times make tough fucken people.
  3. Have a 2-minute cold shower every day. Make this one of the first things you do in the morning. Tony Robbins does this to build will power. To tell his mind “When I say we’re going to do something, we’re doing it”.
  4. Make a to do list for the next day every night before you go to sleep.
  5. Do mirror talk. Set a 5-minute timer and talk some good things to your self in the mirror every morning. Look right into your eyes and say “I chose you, me first, then everybody else, I love you, I’m confident, I’m brave, I can do anything”.
  6. Say more of what you mean and how you feel. Don’t cave into someone else in the presence of others. BE MORE YOU. People respect you more for this in the long run anyways. Not that you need respect from others to be happy, but it will come none the less.

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