The Macklemore and Lil Bow Wow Shopping Receipt Marketing Hack

“Okay, what did they buy? How much did they spend? Damn, Macklemore spent that much! He must be rich as heeeellll! haha he spent more than Bow Wow, he must be richer, well, yeah he probably is…”.

Talk about interesting.

Over the weekend I received a Culture Kings newsletter email, which cleverly included a copy of Lil Bow Wow’s (or just Bow Wow now?…) and Macklemore’s purchase receipts from their recent shopping experience with the urban mogule merchant.

I love seeing marketing pieces like this because they show ingenuity, as this is something I have never personally seen done before.

It shows that most businesses have the ability to capitalise on some form of celebrity endorsement marketing. Because everyone wants to be “cool” like celebrities…


Anyway, I know you want to see the receipts, so here they are.


macklemore shopping receipt culture kings
Image by

Bow Wow:

shopping receipt bow wow culture kings
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Pretty cool, huh? and pretty smart.

This is not the first time Culture Kings has capitalised on celebrity endorsement marketing.

In the past they have cleverly done it with photos, blog posts and promo videos, such as the one below:

Marketing this way is good for both parties.

It’s a you scratch my back, I scratch your back type scenario.

More hype for the celebrities promoting their Australian tour and more hype for Culture Kings promoting their products.

And as the old cliche goes “if you got it, flaunt it”.

Well done Culture Kings.

Thoroughly impressed.

– Jordan Flynn

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