My Virtual Vision Board

Do you have Windows?

Like PC Windows?

If you do, do you use sticky notes?

I do.

It’s hella handy.

You can use it to take notes and stuff.

But I don’t just use windows sticky notes for taking notes.

I use it as a virtual vision board, to copy and paste all the things I want.

Email on new Nike shoes I like?

Copy and paste it onto my virtual vision board.


Wow, that house looks nice.

Copy and paste the house photos onto my virtual vision board.


Damn I love that car.

Copy and paste the photos onto my virtual vision board.


This is the beauty of a virtual vision board as opposed to a physical one, because you can easily add or remove the images of your wants and desires :).

Here’s what’s on my virtual vision board at the moment:

windows sticky notes windows sticky notes

Pretty cool and very handy.

Nice to look at every now and again and when I do look it makes me feel good inside :).

Here’s what appears to be the Apple version of the Windows Sticky Notes app for all you Mac freaks out there (no idea if it’s any good. Just did a quick Google search):

Visualise on.

– Jordan Flynn